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    So this is my freelance graphic design portfolio :) click and see :)

    Also, I do work for anyone, anywhere in the world! Ever wanted your own personal blog header and theme like mine? or perhaps you are having a Christmas event and you want a poster designing? I do any sort of image creation; logos, posters, flyers, e-flyers, web banners, blog headers, business cards and more :) 

    GET IN TOUCH! :)

    2 11.16.11

    Just so y’all know…

    I will spend this coming week updating my blog and facebook, honest. Been havng some amazing R&R recently, although my sleeping pattern is screwed (Still!) and trying to earn some monies!

    3 11.12.11

    true dat

    84825 11.07.11




    5 10.25.11

    That was a loooong journey! So tired, yet I still don’t have a place to call home :(

    Guess where I am!! XD

    Guess where I am!! XD

    6 10.22.11

    My last full day in the states! :(

    (but never fear, I still have hundreds of photos to upload!)

    30 10.22.11
    2 10.21.11

    Tumblr you are amazing!!!!

    I have found not one, but potentially TWO places to sleep this weekend, both through this blog, both people don’t live in NYC but know people who do and everyone involved is a hero in my eyes! So I’m finally doing some touristy things :)

    Thank you so so so much!!

    8 10.21.11

    Still looking for somewhere to sleep :( 6 hours of trying now :(

    I will pay to sleep on somebody’s floor! Please just get in touch!

    4 10.21.11