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    So this is my freelance graphic design portfolio :) click and see :)

    Also, I do work for anyone, anywhere in the world! Ever wanted your own personal blog header and theme like mine? or perhaps you are having a Christmas event and you want a poster designing? I do any sort of image creation; logos, posters, flyers, e-flyers, web banners, blog headers, business cards and more :) 

    GET IN TOUCH! :)

    2 11.16.11

    Just so y’all know…

    I will spend this coming week updating my blog and facebook, honest. Been havng some amazing R&R recently, although my sleeping pattern is screwed (Still!) and trying to earn some monies!

    3 11.12.11

    true dat

    84717 11.07.11

    Spending Christmas in America :O :O :O

    Faith has invited me over to Washington for December :O Christmas in america, with my girl. EXCITED!!! :D

    9 10.27.11




    5 10.25.11

    That was a loooong journey! So tired, yet I still don’t have a place to call home :(

    Start spreading the news: I’m leaving today…

    As I sit here in terminal 7 at JFK international airport, awaiting my delayed flight home, I am missing one thing more than anything else.

    It seems only right that you guys should read this, as it is a direct result of my trip…

    One of the first people to get in touch with me when I set this blog up was a girl from Washington. We chatted back and forth on our messages, made really good friends over the first couple of months. When it came to booking my flights she had done enough persuading that the west coast was best, for me to change my starting point from SF to Seattle. We skyped often, but then again I did with many friends I had made during my planning process. The difference with this story in particular, Is that it was different with her. A long story short, A few weeks ago I asked her to be my girlfriend, I told her how much she meant to me, how it was indeed crazy to feel this way but I did and I wanted to make things work. She told me the same things, followed by a yes.

    So now I am leaving not only my roadtrip, my holiday of a lifetime but also my girlfriend :( I have never done a long distance thing before but it is potentially only 6 weeks until we see each other in person again. Her name is Faith, and in my eyes she is perfect. I don’t really care what skeptics think, I hope it works, because, well, actually, I’m in love.

    My last blog from the states, but by no means my last about my trip. Thank you all for following, supporting and encouraging. You are all amazing!!

    Love love xxx

    20 10.23.11
    Guess where I am!! XD

    Guess where I am!! XD

    6 10.22.11

    My last full day in the states! :(

    (but never fear, I still have hundreds of photos to upload!)

    30 10.22.11
    2 10.21.11